About The Bread


My style of baking is bold, rugged and rustic.    The loaves are large and have a presence.  They are scaled at 1 kilo about 36oz, crafted to accompany all types of food or use as a utensil of sorts to mop up sauces.  I craft each loaf for you...the community.


Natural wild yeast cultures are used as leavening for all of the breads.  These localized micro flora allow me use long, slow and thorough fermentation in order to coax complex flavor and unlock the powerful nutrition contained in the grain.


I source all of my whole grains from throughout the Northeast and mill them fresh for each bake with a custom designed and built stone mill.  The two VT quarried granite stones turn very slowly and preserve all the properties of the whole grain.


All loaves are hand forged...using my own hands to develop the doughs, scale and shape each and every loaf.  The whole process in done by feel, knowledge and intuition.


I use a custom designed and built wood fired masonry oven to bake all the bread.  A fire is built in the chamber of the oven and the heat that is created from the fire is retained in depths of the masonry.  The coals are raked out, the oven swept clean and there is enough stored heat to bake multiple oven loads of bread for a long period of time.


May you enjoy eating my bread as much as I enjoyed baking it.


Bread Care


My breads will last for days due to the complete natural fermentation.  Store in a bread box or the paper bag you receive it for 1-2 days.  Beyond 1-2 days store in a plastic bag to preserve moisture.  Refresh your bread in an oven or toaster.


For longer term storage freeze your bread. Slice into halves, quarters or slices and place in a plastic bag.  To consume, heat in an oven at 350 degrees until crust is crisp.


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How it works -


Each subscription will cost $100.00 and you will receive 11 loaves of bread over a 10 week period, 1 per week plus a bonus loaf as a thank you. Bread will be picked up every Thursday at Caseus Fromagerie, 93 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT between 11am and 6pm. Two types of bread will be available each week on a first come first serve basis.


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